2022/2023 – 2026/2027

Goal 1: Cultivate an environment of accountability, communication, and growth.

目标1.1: Enhance accountability through institutional effectiveness efforts.

  • 测量1.1.1: Establish a Director of 制度的有效性 position.
  • 测量1.1.2: Purchase, implement, and provide training for an institutional effectiveness software.
  • 测量1.1.3:更新IE Timeline.
  • 测量1.1.4:修改和更新IE网页.

目标1.2: Enhance communication with students, employees, and the public.

  • 测量1.2.1: Review and update all College policies and procedures.
  • 测量1.2.2:树立TCL吉祥物.
  • 测量1.2.3 .增加社交媒体曝光率.
  • 测量1.2.4:  Enhance utilization of 导航 System within Academic Affairs.

目标1.3 .增加大学入学率.

  • 测量1.3.1 .每年增加2%的员工人数.
  • 测量1.3.2: Increase credit hour production or FTE by 2% per year.
  • 测量1.3.3: Increase online course enrollment by 5% per year.
  • 测量1.3.4: Increase dual enrollment headcount by 3% per year.
  • 测量1.3.5: Investigate offering courses to incarcerated students.

目标1.4: Employ and Retain qualified and results-oriented employees.

  • 测量1.4.1:填补空缺职位.
  • 测量1.4.2: Develop and provide employee professional development opportunities.
  • 测量1.4.3: Promote and Increase utilization of Percipio, the new software foundation for Skillsoft Learning Management System.
  • 测量1.4.4: Provide monthly health/wellness programs for employees, 包括物理, mental and emotional wellness support for all TCL employees.
  • 测量1.4.5: Develop an employee recognition program for employees.
  • 测量1.4.6: Attract diverse candidates to open positions and promotional opportunities by seeking/expanding new places to advertise positions at TCL.


目标2.1: Enhance faculty Professional Development.

  • 测量2.1.1:建立清单卓越中心. 
  • 测量2.1.2:实施Go2Knowledge. 
  • 测量2.1.3: Establish Spring virtual workshop series.
  • 测量2.1.4: Review and enhance the adjunct faculty orientation course.


  • 测量2.2.1:将所有课程转换为黑板上 Ultra.
  • 测量2.2.2: Purchase, provide training and implement a video capture software for online instruction.
  • 测量2.2.3: Develop standard guidelines for online courses.
  • 测量2.2.4: Develop a process of peer review for online courses.
  • 测量2.2.5 .建立录音室.
  • 测量2.2.6:加强视频在网络课程中的运用.

Goal 3: Refine and improve operational effectiveness and promote resource stewardship. 

目标3.1: Enhance security campus wide in multiple areas to include personnel, systems, and identification.

  • 测量3.1.1:安装紧急按钮系统.
  • 测量3.1.2: Provide access ID badges for faculty, staff, and students.
  • 测量3.1.3: Investigate increasing maglock access accountability/control on doors.
  • 测量3.1.4: Investigate updating security camera system.
  • 测量3.1.5: Investigate increasing fire/security alarm systems for buildings at all campuses.


  • 测量3.2.1: Investigate the possibility of a 劳动力 Center at New River.
  • 测量3.2.2: Develop a revised master facilities plan.
  • 测量3.2.3: Renovate 建筑 6 for 人力资源 and Physical Therapy.
  • 测量3.2.4: Renovate 建筑 2 for 继续教育.
  • 测量3.2.5:为学院中心翻新8号楼.
  • 测量3.2.6: Renovate undeveloped area of the 南方烹饪学院.
  • 测量3.2.安装新的电话系统.
  • 测量3.2.8: Create a 图书馆/Information Literacy Classroom in 建筑 12.

目标3.3:目标3.1:  Maintain and improve institutional fiscal strength.

  • 测量3.3.1: Assess current business office organizational structure.
  • 测量3.3.2: Review and realign position descriptions for the Administrative Services area.
  • 测量3.3.3: Assess Administrative Services employee professional development needs;
  • 测量3.3.4: Evaluate and determine a plan for technology needs and enhancements for the Administrative Services area.

Goal 4: Enhance and sustain student success from application to completion. 

目标4:1: Enhance onboarding and first year experience.

  • 测量4.1.1: Develop and implement a First Year Experience course.
  • 测量4.1.2: Increase student participation in 新生迎新 by 20%.
  • 测量4.1.3: Investigate bookstore, textbook, and Open 教育al Resource options.

目标4.2: Refine retention and completion efforts throughout student success points.

  • 测量4.2.1 .每年提高2%的留存率. 
  • 测量4.2.2 .每年提高2%的毕业率. 
  • 测量4.2.3 .建立一个预警程序.
  • 测量4.2.4: Increase percentage of students who see a Navigator or 教师 advisor.
  • 测量4.2.5 .修改学生安置要求.
  • 测量4.2.6: Implement a 学生支援服务 (TRIO) 黑板上 Class for all SSS members.
  • 测量4.2.7:建立一个大学健康中心.




Dr. 莱斯利·沃辛顿 Director of 制度的有效性, Chair

罗德尼·亚当斯 Associate Vice 总统 for 学生服务

拉里•Beckler 设施管理总监

萨莎主教, Dean of Learning Support and SACSCOC Liaison

杰西卡桥梁, Assistant Vice 总统 for Advancement and Associate Director, TCL的基础

Allison罐头, 副校长,学生事务

玛丽·李·卡恩斯, 负责机构发展的副总裁

Dr. 弗雷德里克·库珀 院长、艺术 & 科学

李·科普兰, Assistant Vice 总统 for Advancement, Marketing and Public Relations

安·卡伦 Executive Administrative Assistant to the 总统

芭芭拉·丹森 注册商

劳拉族长, 副校长,学术事务

Dr. 理查德•高夫 总统

Christa Guicherit, 心理学讲师

Erika约翰逊, 放射技术项目主任

罗素Keevy, 教师 Senate 总统 and 英语老师

吉尔·柯克兰, 财政援助主任

Dr. 弗朗辛Marz, 南方烹饪学院院长

布莱恩•麦克丹尼尔 律师助理教练

卡米尔•迈尔斯 研究与规划主任

凯伦·史密斯 院长、业务 & 工业技术

Dr. 乔伊Swearingen, 健康科学系院长

南希·韦伯 行政服务副总裁

希瑟·维斯, 英语老师

海耶斯明智, 首席信息官

阿什利·约克姆县发生的, Associate 行政服务副总裁

外部成员 TBD

学生代表 TBD