There is Absolutely Nothing Better Than Free 学费!

South Carolina Free 学费 for Children of Certain War 退伍军人, 警察, 消防员, or Rescue Workers Application: Children of deceased or 100% disabled 退伍军人, who were killed or disabled during military service, can attend any SC State-supported institutions 直到他们26岁th 生日 不用交学费. 费用仍然适用. For further assistance, please contact the South Carolina Department of 退伍军人 Affairs at 803-960-8327.

  • Complete the Application: Please visit the South Carolina Department of 退伍军人’ Affairs website via this link, to complete the online application:. *Please note: Both the student and veteran parent must be actual residents of the State of South Carolina to qualify for this benefit.
    • If you are transferring to TCL and have previously used this benefit, you will need to contact the South Carolina Department of 退伍军人 Affairs to request a transfer letter at 803.647.2434.
  • South Carolina Free 学费 Approval Letter: If approved, you will get a letter mailed from the South Carolina’s Governor Office. Please submit your South Carolina Free 学费 (SC Governor’s) Letter to our Office of 退伍军人 Affairs via email to for processing purposes. Our Office of 金融援助 will post the award on your 自助服务 account, once you are registered for classes


Director of 军事 and Veteran 项目
电话: 843-525-8358

VA School Certifying Official:


退伍军人 Enrollment Counselor

Marine Corps Recruit Depot 帕里斯岛
Mondays — 0900–1300
电话: 843-228-2659

Marine Corps Air Station 波弗特
星期二 & Thursdays — 0900–1300
电话: 843-228-7494