The Culinary Institute of the South offers hands-on, practical training in three main disciplines: culinary arts, 烘焙和糕点, 和好客. The Institute’s instructors are highly trained, experienced and credentialed. Expand your menu of skills by completing internships in the Lowcountry’s own world-renowned restaurants and resorts. Students will study both theory and practical kitchen applications along with hospitality management and operations. Customer service training and principles of entrepreneurship are also key components.


Enroll now for classes at TCL’s the state-of-the-art Culinary Institute of the South in Bluffton. General education courses can be completed at any campus or online.


副学士学位- 现在招收!

Master a variety of cuisines and culinary techniques. 类 include the certificate curriculum plus menu planning; hospitality management; food and beverage controls; and marketing. General education courses and an internship round out the curriculum. Graduates are prepared to provide professional culinary services in restaurants and other commercial food establishments.


This certificate can be completed in just two semesters and focuses on cooking and related culinary arts skills and prepares individuals for a variety of jobs within the 食品服务 industry. Includes instruction in food preparation; cooking techniques; equipment operation and maintenance; sanitation and safety; communication skills; applicable regulations; and principles of 食品服务 management.

健康的烹饪 & 烘焙证书- 现在招收!

我们最新的节目, courses include baking and food production and emphasize healthy cooking techniques and ingredients with a focus on nutrition and Mediterranean cuisine specifically. 类 in hospitality sanitation and computers round out the curriculum.

烘焙 & 糕点艺术

副学士学位- 现在招收!

类 include the certificate curriculum plus courses in general education; laminated doughs and pastries; candies and confectioneries; hospitality marketing and management; and an internship. Graduates are prepared to land meaningful 烘焙和糕点 positions or start their own businesses.

证书, 现在招收!

In less than a year of studies, this certificate program prepares students to work in restaurants or other commercial baking establishments. Courses include artisan breads, cake decorating, a survey of the hospitality industry and more.

热情好客 & 旅游管理

副学士学位- 现在招收!

Learn how to manage hospitality operations and facilities. Courses include the certificate curriculum plus courses in general education; hospitality industry principles; communications and leadership; hospitality law; marketing; convention and event management; and more. Internships provide valuable hands-on training and real-world experience. Graduates, with experience, can expect to fill supervisory positions.

证书, 现在招收!

Upgrade your management skills to increase employment opportunities in just under a year. Courses help you build management skills in a variety of hospitality sectors including resort development, 酒店, 食品服务, 惯例和更多.


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