It’s all about learning.

At the heart of it, TCL is all about education. On the “credit” side, we offer more than 60 programs of study, all of which are accredited and affordable. Whatever your age, background or interest, pursuing higher education at TCL is a very smart choice.


95 percent of TCL graduates go on to work in their field of study or continue their education. Our college-level associate degree, diploma and certificate programs provide hands-on education for high-skilled, in-demand jobs of today and tomorrow. 除了, TCL’s two-year Associate of 艺术 and Science degrees are transferable in full to many four-year institutions in and out of the state — including Clemson, University of South Carolina and South Carolina State University. Continuing 教育 & 劳动力培训 division offers the quickest paths to a new career.

What programs are offered?

> Career Pathways / 项目

本节 organizes our program offerings by career field groupings. So, for example, if you know you want to do something with computers, you’d simply select “电脑.” Health care careers on your mind? Choose “健康科学.”

> University Transfer Degrees

Planning to start at TCL and then transfer to another college or university. Check out this section for a list of associate degrees that can transfer in full.

> Complete Credit 程序 Listing

Want to see all of our academic (for-credit) degrees, diplomas and certificate programs? 本节 是给你的.

> Continuing 教育 & 劳动力培训

CE offers skills-based instruction focused on preparing individuals for high-demand occupations in less than 6 months – typically including a state or national certification and hands-on experience.